Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seohyun in talks to play the male lead's first love in upcoming SBS drama 'Passionate Love'!

Seohyun may become the next Girls' Generation member to take on acting as she is currently in talks for upcoming SBS weekend drama 'Passionate Love'.

Reports surfaced stating that the idol was confirmed for the show, but SM Entertainment stated, "Seohyun recently received the casting offer for 'Passionate Love'. She is currently reviewing the offer and nothing has been decided as of yet." 

If Seohyun does decide to take on her first ever reoccurring role in a drama, she will play the male lead's first love Han Yoo Rim, who is a beautiful college student majoring in veterinary medicine. The male character will turn out to be actually a younger guy who pretended he was a college student to get closer to her.

'Passionate Love' will be a melodrama about a couple who come together through a tragedy and their love against all odds, and will premiere this October!


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