Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[OMG]Jessica fainted during the musical ,,Legally blonde''

According to Nata, Jessica fainted during the musical ,,Legally blonde''.
 Jessica has been hospitalized due to exhaustion. She fainted backstage after 'Legally Blonde' and her manager carried her to the hospital. While on the way to the hospital she woke up and cried the whole way. Seohyun, happened to be there so ,she call the other members to go to hospital.
The rest of the members rushed to the hospital after hearing the news.Seem like the busy schedule with 'I Got A Boy' promotion, musical, Magazine shooting, TV Show recording activities weakened her health and led to the exhaustion.
The doctor said that Jessica was tired and has a hurt at legs so she fell down.
The fans are supporting her.
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[Translate] From Nata

Someone said Sica didn't faint. Can she sprained her leg if she didn't faint and stood there without moving? After the musical, she was almost unconscious, sweating a lot, didn't change her costumes, eyes were closing, looked pale, didn't wear shoes so screw you about didn't faint, fuck you about the "train more". Fuck your whole family, did you see her condition at the scene?

有些人說鄭秀妍沒暈,沒暈站著沒動都能扭到脚??下班的時候,完全沒甚麼意識了,滿頭的汗,演出服都沒換,雙眼閉著的,臉色很差,鞋也沒穿,我去你媽逼的 沒暈,我操你妹的要多煅煉。操你妹的全家,你他媽在現場睜大狗眼看了鄭秀妍的狀況了嗎?以上文字求一字不漏的翻譯上推吧!

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Check the picture below.Jessica felle.

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