Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is now on Instagram + her Message

Girls' Generation's powerful vocalist Taeyeon creates Instagram account.

She explained that the main reason she created an Instagram account is she wants to get closer to Sones, she's still in Japan, for those who want to ask her questions, can send them to her UFO.

Taeyeon send the message too:

Hello everyone, I am the Taeyeon who is in Japan. I have been looking for ways to interact with SONEs, sharing those happy and great moments and news. Previously we interacted with UFO but I still feel that it isn't enough(Too many things to share). But I feel that it isn't really great if I just have the whole web to myself. From UFO, I am the one who receives questions and love from you fans so I hope I can be the one who suggest things. I've got an idea. Currently I understand many of Sones worries and I do hope that people around me will not be hurt so I started Instagram to be closer to you all. The time we spend out of korea gets longer and longer each time, Sones also gets more and more throughout the world (getting more and more worldwide). Everything that happens regardless of small or interesting things, I just hope I can be like you guys, posting photos of myself. It is something like UFO just that it is only about Taeyeon! But that doesn't mean I will leave UFO. You guys can still get me through UFO so do participate alot through UFO, sones:)

Let's follow Taeyeon on Instagram now.

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