Tuesday, March 19, 2013

130318 FanAcc Yuri @ Gimpo Airport (compilation tweet)

[SarinaYC] Yuri was so nice accepting all our letters and presents ~~ she was smiling and bowing \(//∇//)\
[SarinaYC] OMG I'm so glad I bought the same Micky iPhone case as yuri! She  noticed after I said WOORI Mickey and smiled n said OH Mickey♡
[SarinaYC] Yuri was pretty tall I was surprised and when she was walking OMG her sexy hair and SEXY Body!!!
[SarinaYC]When yuri got on the elevator to go down with the manager she leaned on the wall and blew out air like she got tired ,it was socute
[SarinaYC] we tried to act like bodyguards to open space for YR to walk and she laughed softly but didnt know what to do
[NatsumiNL] Omg no border line for Yuri today at airport it seemed like! Fans were  able to get close to her and pass her presents!! SO CLOSE!
[NatsumiNL] My friends were so close to Yuri today >_< everyone gave her personal space ;) don't worry she was not hurt at all
[NatsumiNL] Omg lol my friend showed Yuri her Mickey iPhone case and said "woori Mickey~" then Yuri was like "Oh~! Mickey!"
[NatsumiNL] Yuri's manager wasn't there so she was like "doushiyou~" (what should I do? In Japanese) omg so cute lol
[NatsumiNL] LOL Yuri was pretending to be on the phone again XDDD
[NatsumiNL] After pretending to be on the phone, Yuri dragged her kart and walked backwards to back into the gate XD omg so cute

FanAcc by NatsumiNL & SarinaYC

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