Monday, March 11, 2013

[FanAcc]130310 Jessica & Tiffany-Hiroshima Arena

During Way to Go… Tiffany walked towards the center stage, and sees that Jessica is still singing, n she gestured for her to move over… Jessica obediently ran over, and they both walked hand in hand towards the extended stage…
At Gee, Tiffany was even more excited than yesterday. She changed the lyrics to  "listen girl,my first love story", and when she was saying tat, her head was really closed to Jessica's face, TIffany placed her hand was on Jessica's dress (somewhere near her tummy area), then she turned around n stand at the side.
Walking back to the centerstage n back to extended stage, Jessica accidently stepped on Tiffany n both just went LOL… Jessica kept laughing n couldnt sing. During the group singing part, she just continued to cover her mouth and laugh…
Both are standing next to one another, at end of Gee, noticed Jessica helping Tiffany fixed her hair, n they started whispering to one another….
Jessica said her parent were here, Tiffany then pulled Jessica to the other part of the stage and started waving.
Last but not least, during ending, Jessica and Tiffany walked over where 2 Jap sones were on my left. The 2 sones were waving their boards and Tiffany pulled Jessica over to see. Jessica gave a thumbs up and Tiffany did the same. Earlier during the mc time, both sones were waving JeTi fan and shouting Jessi. Jessica did waved back. So sweet. 

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