Monday, March 11, 2013

[FanAcc compilation] 130310 2nd GG Japan Tour Hiroshima Day 2

- Taengsic held hands runningjj down towards centre stage during Say Yes… GLORIOUS!!!
- YoonSic explosion during the great escape/can’t take my eyes off of you song. Sica cupped Yoong’s hands and used them as a mic lol
- Yul Hyo took of their ribbons and did headspin during Himnae
- JeTi walked down towards the centre stage during Himnae *stupid grin*
- Soshi spazing “AAAACK” ehen they spotted a baby Paparazzi cosplayer
- Yuri sang and dance ITNW by herself as they walked back to exit the stage
- Tiffany: “Listen Girl, my first love story” |  Yoona: (appeared in between JeTi and sang) “ooh ouhouw ooh ouhouw yeah”
- Tiffany did the dorky shoulder dance in the beginning of girls and Peace. Then Sooyoung was infected lol.. It became a duo-dork
- During MC, Fany asked is everyone happy? Then everyone answered "yeah" then she answered "i am happy too" while shaking her butt + shake disorderly..after back to group, she still shaking her butt and said "so happy"
- Said about they had a hot night yesterday with members because it's Taeng's birthday. Sooyoung asked what had they done? Taeng said "want to say in detail?" Fany said "watashiのsecret" last they didn't say what they had done.

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