Thursday, January 10, 2013

[Translate]GG's first impression about 'I Got A Boy'

Sooyoung: Our reaction after hearing it for the first time was also -- 'what was that?'

Tiffany: We asked each other- 'which part is the chorus?'..(after listening to it)'what is the memorable part/s of the song?'. It was a song that gave you a 'mental breakdown'.

Now it's been a week since our comeback and there are those who like it, and those who have a hard time getting/liking the song. Even though it may be a complicated song on first listen, I think it's a song that you want to listen to the more you listen to it. This is what the members felt too.

Seohyun: It was a huge risky venture for us.
It was a reaction that we anticipated early on in the album making process. At first, even the members were like - 'what's this? how are we going to pull it off?' But it's been 6 years since we debuted (and 6 years of releasing "hook" songs).. so we thought we can't always keep releasing the same type of songs. We hope you listen to it with the same kind of mindset. [summarized]

Hyoyeon: It was a song that among members too there were those who liked and disliked it. For me, because I'm the type that enjoys dance music, I liked it as soon as I heard it. But I think there were some members who were like - 'what was that?'

Taeyeon: After listening to the guide for the first time and then repeating it several times, I still couldn't understand it (where the song was going). After matching the choreography and listening to the song, I slowly got to like it. And then dancing to hip-hop that we often practiced when we were trainees, we felt a lot of memories from the past. So it's a song that we enjoyed/had fun preparing for.

Sica: If there is praise/acclaim, it's no surprise that there will be criticism too. So more than paying a lot of attention to that, I think what we ought to do is to focus our efforts into enjoying ourselves and putting on good performances.

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