Thursday, January 10, 2013

[Translate] GG's fans are confused about GG's first impresion to IGAB

 Fans' confused responses to 'IGAB' varied from 'It's a strange piece', to 'I don't know what they're saying'.

YURI: We expected this kind of reaction from fans.

SOOYOUNG: I prefer these split reactions. (…)

TIFFANY: When you look at the lyrics, none of the content connects. It's because they're all stories about the person each of the members love. Saying 'he's cute to death' to complaining 'really, why did she do that?'. To be honest, when girls our age chat, they only spit out what they need to, and the conversation ends up with all of them talking at once. But even that is fun and gives you strength. We didn't understand it at first either. After practicing, we started understanding. That we're just like the girls in 'I Got a Boy'. (…)

SEOHYUN: Rather than following a trend, we want to make them.
They all agreed, "If you don't count the years with your fingers, we don't realize how long it's been."
Regarding the reason behind this, Yuri stated, "It's because we've spent every moment faithfully, always doing more than our best." (…)

JESSICA confessed, "When we heard 'Dancing Queen' was not going to be released, all the things we prepared, anticipation for the song, and the confidence we had in ourselves all went away."
YOONA wrinkled her face while saying, "At a young age, when everything was rushed and we didn't have any spare time, I think we got hurt a lot." (…)

TAEYEON: We don't need to be different, but we are different. We believe in what only we can show, the synergy that comes about when all 9 are together. If we didn't have that will power, we probably wouldn't have made it this far. Making an attempt at unfamiliar music, and having people listen to music they did not expect. Our job from now on is to show 'why we are Girls' Generation'. (…)

Taeyeon said, "Because we have to handle such busy schedules, every passing year makes it feel like I'm being born again. I fall into thoughts of, 'Who am I?'." At times like that, they would order late night eats, such as pizza, fried chicken, snacks, bossam, and Chinese food, and have a drink. They explained that they talk about guys and share every detail about their schedules, and eventually would say, "I laugh because of you," (Jessica) and lean on their members [for support]. (…)

On recent word of a crisi hitting idols, Sooyoung laughed after saying, "It's just that idols have been masked under the comparable attention/focus on senior singer PSY."

TAEYEON: I think that senior singer PSY has definitely opened the road for K-POP more. I feel pride in just the fact that I'm a Korean person. When I see people who say they've become our fans after seeing the 'Gangnam Style' music video, I also feel satisfaction knowing that K-POP is no longer 'mania music'. And so we also get more strength. We will continue making new attempts while maintaining Girls' Generation's own colors."

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