Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Translate]GG talk about their 6 years since debut

It has already been 6 (article says 7 for whatever reason) years since Girls' Generation debuted. The music market in the country has been changing rapidly and competition is fierce. Girls' Generation has also become one of the handful of veteran girl groups.

When asked about this, Yoona stated, "When we appeared on a music show, there wren't that many senior singers. Actually, the only senior singer was (Baek) Jiyoung unnie."

When asked if they will have will have an even more mature image for the next song, Tiffany and Jessica replied, "We will just try our best to fit whatever we get assigned."

Seohyun revealed, "Rather than the image on the outside, our goal is to seem mature musically. We are trying to progress forward and pursue newer things from previous styles."

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