Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Translate]GG reveals plans and amitions for 2013

Girls’ Generation is currently promoting their 4th album ‘I Got A Boy’ actively, more than one year after their 3rd album ‘The Boys’. As Girls’ Generation made a powerful start in the new year, they are expected to become some of the busiest people this year.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to know Girls’ Generation’s plans for the new year.

Taeyeon: “As time goes by, my ambition for music has grown. I can feel that my enthusiasm for music is growing. Simply having music broadcasts does not quench my thirst. I would like to perform more and my goal is to transfer more energy to fans who want it.”

Yuri: “For me, I hope that I can be more creative in many areas and that I can work in more fields. That’s why I aspire to be an artiste who can express herself from her work. Since I do not stand out in any particular area, I would like to work in more fields so that I can connect them together.”

Seohyun: “I was involved in lyrics writing for the first time. I also tried writing a song. The unnies are really committed to these so they are my role models. I would also like to try challenging new things like musicals and emceeing, those that unnies have once experienced.”

Tiffany: “For me, too, as I keep doing the same thing, my thoughts on music and songs are growing bigger. In the future, I would like to continue doing music. Besides that, I’m also interested in acting. I am currently reading lots of Korean as well as English scripts because I want to take up this challenge.”

Sooyoung: “I am currently an MC for SBS’s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’. Personally, I feel that it’s very interesting. It seems to me that in the future, as I accumulate more experiences and grow older, I will be able to do many things well. Therefore as I grow older, I would like to have more talk shows. If I see good dramas or movie productions, I would also like to give it a try.”

YoonA: “Although I am an actress, I think that I can receive many opportunities because I have ‘Girls’ Generation’ as a title. I’m working with devotion as part of Girls’ Generation, and would like to try more roles if I meet good productions. In the past, I once thought of getting rid of a girl group’s image when I tried acting, but now, as I am working as Girls’ Generation, I would like to present an image that is what the public is seeing as ‘YoonA of Girls’ Generation’.”

Jessica: “For me, since I am ambitious now, I would like to grab good opportunities. I also hope to sing and get involved in musicals like what I am doing now. If so, I will need to practice every now and then. I think learning new things is an important process. I’m studying a lot now.”

Hyoyeon: “I still think that I have not shown all sides of me on the stage. I hope to present more images, those that I want to show to everyone.”

Sunny: “I also think that trying out something new can be fun, and for what I am currently doing, I want to do it better. Although it’s important to take up new challenges, I will only try them if I have the confidence to digest them well. I think that it’s right to not do something that does not suit me. I will just tell myself, let’s just do my current work well.”


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