Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GG congratulated to Wonder Girls's SunYe

Recently, GG have expressed the jealousy of their fellow, Wonder Girls's SunYe, who is going to marry on January 26, 2013.
During a recent interview held for their comeback with “I Got a Boy” Girls’ Generation was asked about their opinion on marriage and they said “When we get together we talk a lot about those things
As mentioning about the active girls group Wonder Girls  member SunYe, who is going to be the first idol to involve with married life.
 Taeyeon said,''We talk about how we can get together in 10 15 years with all of our kids We're personally close to Sunye so we met her fiance once and I was so jealous.We're so happy for them We'll get married too,one day,right?''
 When they were asked who they think would get married first, Tiffany said,“We always talk about that too. If a member says she found someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with, we will all support her But the guy will have to get permission from all 8 members,''warning the future husbands of Girls' Generation members.
 Sooyoung, who said she has met Sunye and her boyfriend together, stated, "I think it was possible for Sunye (to get married amidst girl group activities) because she met such a good partner. I met him with her, and he's really a good person." She added, with a jealous look, "Wouldn't it be possible if we met a good person, too?"
The youngest member, Seohyun, stated, "Of course you have to congratulate someone who has found someone they love like that." Leader Taeyeon then stated, "But you have to go through 8 members' evaluations for us. You can only get married if you pass all of them," and laughed loudly.

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