Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girls’ Generation have completed all 20 shows for their Japanese tour!

 Girls’ Generation have completed all 20 shows for their Japanese tour!

The girls embarked on their Second Japan Arena Tour back on February 9, 2013. During the tour, they had several hilarious episodes, including Taeyeonand Jessica‘s throwing incidents.

Sooyoung thanked her fans for filling up the stages in a sea of pink for every concert. She uploaded photos of the group and wrote on their official board, “Sone, thanks for filling up our venue with pink each time!! We won’t forget the precious memories of the 20 shows ♥ When I saw all the eyes supporting us, singing along to our songs, I couldn’t help but cry because I was touched by the sincerity ㅜㅜ., But as soon as I came down from the stage, we did this during the after party,, Pwahaha., Let’s meet again, Sone ^-^ Soon!!“.

Seohyun also posted photos on the official board and wrote, “Hello~ It’s Seohyun, Yuri ^^ The 20th Japanese arena tour! Today was our last day~! Kyaa!! Yuri can’t believe it’s already the last day, and Seohyun thought that the time passed by so fast because we had so much fun~ These photos are from our Spring date at Disneyland on our day off. Seo-Sparrow and Donald-Yul!! Keke. The difference in temperatures during night and day are really big lately, so be careful~ Everyone, enjoy the warm Spring and have a good day^^♥“.

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