Monday, March 18, 2013

Trainers Open Up on the Exercise Habits of GG, miss A′s Suzy and Kara′s Goo Hara

Trainers who have personally trained many girl group members recently spoke up about the girls′ habits and personalities.

A recent filming for Y Star′s Curious visited the fitness centers frequented by many girl group members.

One trainer said that Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yuri always visits the center after her day′s schedules are over to keep up her abs. Seohyun, the trainer added, visits the center early in the morning.

It was revealed this day also that Goo Hara finishes 300 sets a day, 100 each for one set, of exercise to keep up her slim waist and abs.

Miss A Suzy′s personal trainer then opened up on how Suzy can′t seem to hide her want for delicious foods.

"The younger girl group members are always weak toward the likes of tteokbokki, kimbab and soondae. Whenever I′m eating, Suzy shouts at me. She keeps staring with her big eyes, so I can′t help but give her a mouthful," the trainer said.

SNSD Jessica′s trainer also said that Jessica starts shouting at her trainer as her exercise becomes more and more straining.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min, Kim Byung Kwan

Reporter : Erika Kim (

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