Friday, March 8, 2013

Taeyeon-And One OST-That Winter, The Wind Blows Lyrics

[Trans] Taeyeon - 'And One'

쉽게 돌아서고
Even if you turn around easily,
쉽게 멀어져도
Even if you fade away from me easily,
쉽게 잊지 못할걸 알아요
I know that you cannot forget me easily

(Some parts unheard due to soft sound)

아직도 이런 나를 본다면
If you are still looking at me
바보라 하겠죠
You would have called me a fool

원하고 원해요 그리고 하나
I want it, I want it, and just one
아프고 아파도 그래도 한번
I'm in pain, even if I'm in pain, just once
닳고 닳아진대도
Even if it's worn out and torn down
눈물이 마르지 않아도
Even if my tears never dry up,
처음으로 돌아갈수 있다면
I just wish to go back to the beginning

혹시나 혹시나 그래도 한번
Even though it only happens by chance, by any chance, just once
살다가 살다가 적어도 한번
In my life, in my life, at least once
가끔은 내생각에 가슴 시린 날이 있나요
Is there a day when your heart turns cold thinking of me once in a while
혹시 나 살다가 한번 쯤은
By any chance, just once, in my life

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