Friday, March 22, 2013

GG Sooyoung Warns Fans about Fake Accounts

Girl group Girls' Generation Sooyoung warned fake accounts of her that she will take action if they do not stop.
Today, Sooyoung posted on their official homepage, "How is everyone? I can feel spring is coming. Please watch out for colds. The reason why I am writing this is because I cannot take anymore of the fake accounts."
She continued, "At first, I could just pass it off by laughing, but I can't take having my fans feel uncomfortable as well. 'Fake Sooyoung', if you are by chance reading this, please stop," giving a warning to the fake account.
, "I understand what you were trying to do but please stop here. If you continue with this, I will have to take action as well."
Previously, there was a incident about Sooyoung's SNS accounts and which ones were real.
Internet users commented, "Why do they do this?", "She must be stressed because of this" and "Things like this happen when you become popular."
On the other hand, Girls' Generation released their Japan 'Best Selection Nonstop Remix' album yesterday.
Source: Kpopstarz

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