Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Translate]Tayeon,Tiffany,Hyoyeon & Yuri talked about several topics at ChinChin radio

During the prerecording of ChinChin radio with Taeyeon, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Yuri, they were asked what they were most concerned about promoting 'I Got A Boy'. They chose their physical health that has weakened through the difficult choreography. Taeyeon, in particular, stated, "Because we took off our high heels, our proportions have been revealed, so I'm worried." She caused laughter when she said, "I move quickly so my picture doesn't get taken." Hyoyeon stated, "When we get absorbed in the choreography, our faces can get weird, so we have to regulate our faces. It's especially hard controlling our nose."

When asked if there are body parts that they are confident in... Tiffany=neckline, Taeyeon=waist, Yoona=ankle, Seohyun=long arms, Sooyoung='length' (tall height), Hyoyeon=shoulders and collarbones, Sunny=lips, Jessica=toes, Yuri=pelvis/waist and neckline.

When Taeyeon was asked, "Don't you want to do radio again?" Taeyeon replied, "I want to DJ again. I want to do a radio show by myself at home."

When asked about Sooyoung and Wonbin's scandal, the girls got surprised. They said they knew it wasn't true because they didn't even get to meet Wonbin when filming their CF, but they confessed that they "were jealous". It was revealed that Yuri was especially bitter about it, and that she was surprised at the sudden happening.

Girls' Generation revealed, "When we go on music programs these days, there are almost nothing but junior singers. When a rookie comes about, a lot of articles titled 'Girls' Generation, move over!' surface, but it becomes an opportunity for us to work even harder with responsibility. We feel proud when juniors say, 'We want to be like Girls' Generation', and it is also a bit burdensome."

When asked about their 2013 wishes… Tiffany: I hope Girls' Generation receives the most love.
Yuri: I hope I/we can grow musically through really busy promotions.
Taeyeon: I want to encounter something new while being active overseas. The country I want to go to the most is Egypt.
Hyoyeon: I want to show a proper Girls' Generation at our arena tour.

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