Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Translate interview]130108 SM Everysing in Seoul Gangnamgu

Girl group Girls' Generation expressed their feelings about the late release of 'Dancing Queen' and the music video, made in 2008, noting they "honestly didn't like it".

On the 8th, during an interview at SM Everysing in Seoul Gangnamgu regarding their comeback, Taeyeon opened her mouth on the revealing of the 'Dancing Queen' music video which was made 4 years ago by stating, "I wonder why they had to reveal that."

[repetitive information on the song itself-- being a remake of Duffy's 'Mercy' and such]

Tiffany said that when she first got word of SM Entertainment's plans of revealing 'Dancing Queen', she wondered, "Why they are doing this to us. It was filmed around the same time as 'Gee', and there wasn't much difference between the outfits or styles. I thought you could just watch 'Gee'."

Seohyun stated, "I could see our young selves. It's definitely a cuter feel. At the time, I was in my second year of high school. When you look at the dancing, in particular, you can see we were trying really hard, rather than enjoying it. When you compare 'I Got a Boy' and 'Dancing Queen', the former looks like we're enjoying it, but the latter has a stronger image of us trying to dance well."

Taeyeon stated, "I could see that we really didn't wear a lot of makeup then." She sighed and said, "Still, you will be able to make a clear comparison with our current, matured images. At that time, we paid attention to one strand of hair, and thought that being fixed up made you look pretty. But now, lacking about 2% with a disheveled appearance is more natural and pretty. Seeing how it compared, I thought it was also a good thing that it was revealed."

Through this comeback, Girls' Generation took off the fresh image from 'Dancing Queen', and is showing a much more mature side. While the general public's response is radical, they have been pulling off powerful dances for their hip-hop title song, 'I Got a Boy'. Girls' Generation attempting this bold change is a new turning point for girl groups.

When asked how they feel about ending their first week after making a comeback, Sooyoung revealed, "My body itched while resting this whole time, and it felt like all the things I missed, from feeling the morning air during rehearsals and everything about Girls' Generation, were relieved. It came out just as well as we practiced, so I think we completed it well."

On the other hand, Yuri stated, "The broadcast station was considerate, and gave Girls' Generation an unconventional comeback show. It felt good being able to have a flashy and fun start. We started our activities again for the first time in a year and two months, and it really makes me nervous and happy like when we first debuted."

Hyoyeon expressed her satisfaction by stating, "There is a lot of eye contact amongst the members in this performance, we've loosened up a bit, laugh a lot, and each stage feels fun."

As the members were coming together again for the first time in 14 months, it's a comeback that increases the value each member has for one another. Seohyun said, "As expected, all 9 are needed. While it was fun as TTS, being able to try music different from that of Girls' Generation, the energy from Girls' Generation becoming one again felt different. When 9 are standing, the stage gets different. I think there's a synergy effect when each member gathers together." Tiffany also added, "Finally, it feels crammed. It feels like a time where we realize that there has to be 9."

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