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[Radio translation]130119 Taeyeon's choice for "1st Love Songs" -SBS Power FM Jung Sunhee's "A Night Like Tonight'

DJ: Carrying the memories of 1st love, Taeyeon's choice of song is...

Tae: It's called , Brown Eyed Soul's .

DJ: Brown Eyed Soul that brings great significance...

Tae: Ah, don't say it like that...

DJ: Is there any story behind it?

Tae: Well it doesn't mean the song has a story, just by the lyrics, that's what I want to sing to my 1st love.

DJ: It should be before the song was released?

Tae: When it was released.

DJ: Oh~when it was released? How old were you?

Tae: Please protect me~ (It means Taeyeon wants the DJ to stop asking)

DJ: It's about 1st love anyway, I'm not asking for your 3rd love.

Sunny: Yeah, it's not about the last person you've loved.

DJ: 1st love can be forgiven unconditionally; everyone has their 1st crush. Was it after middle school?

Tae: Yes, it was after I became an adult.

DJ: After you became an adult...Umm...True love, did you had any regrets? About your 1st love, was it mutual, or just a one-sided crush?

Tae: It was mutual.

DJ: Ah, I really like Taeyeon, she's very straightforward. The reason why it was unforgettable..?

(Other members started singing to the lyrics "If it wasn't like before, that's okay")

Tae:...but the song's really good.

DJ: The guests who come on the show...compared to the person who picked the song, the rest seems even more excited.

Tiffany: We're happy, the song's lyrics are really good.

DJ: Well, that could be what 1st love means to Taeyeon. What do the lyrics mean? Could you tell us?

Tae: Errr..."Please be by my side, even if we meet again, it might not be what we used to be, but I'll still treat you well" that kind of meaning.

DJ: Continuing from the previous topic, what was the thing you couldn't leave behind (forget)?

Tae: I was too young, and I felt I was constantly on the receiving end? Actually, I wanted to give that person many things. It's a pity to me.

DJ: Yes~If someone who'd kept receiving love, it feels as if their roles have been already assigned. Thus, the person would've kept receiving, while the other would've kept giving. That would've been

nothing; you'd throw tantrums, you'd feel a little sensitive. In the end, you'd feel reluctant, and start calling that person up...

Tae: The one thing I felt even regretful was, I showed a bit too much pride in it. (could also mean "I was too prideful")

DJ: How old were you? Early 20s? Or Late teen? (17-19 y.o)

Tae: Please protect me~

DJ: Okay, When you had too much self-esteem, or when you didn't even know what self-esteem was, you wanted to show too much of it. After 10 years or so, you'd think that "Ah~there's some things that I

could just leave it as it is". You're still mindful of what you'd do, right? About relationships.

Taeyeon: Of course, that's why I'm still like this? (Could be translated as "Of course, which is why I'm still like this")

DJ: You're too busy, and "Girls' Generation Wall" is too tall; you're everyone's "goddesses" (I don't know why it was written as fairy in chinese), there's a strong feeling that you are everybody's "shared file".

It's not my personal file, but a file that's shared by everyone.

Tiffany, Seohyun: We feel saddened by this.

Tae: So we're files...

DJ: You win some, you lose some; "Girls' Generation" file is too remarkable. This is why when you start to date, you would have to be secretive; you can't be caught in public.

Tae: But the song is really heart-wrenching.

DJ: What's Taeyeon's ideal type? You must've changed it a bit?

Tae: For me, generally speaking, someone who doesn't get awkward in his actions, no matter what it is (sorta mean that guy knows what he wants, and doesn't feel shy to obtain what he is looking for).

DJ: In whatever he does?

Tae: Yes, someone who won't feel unnatural. (probably meant someone who's very comfortable and being himself)

DJ: If a person wears something that doesn't suit him, it would be a burden to himself. Same goes to acting like you know everything, if you can do it well, it's a charismatic point for you. And humor too.

Taeyeon looks tiny, isn't she? Hoobaes around me that like Taeyeon are usually tall people.

Tae: Really?

DJ: You're like a girlfriend they'd want to stuff inside their pockets.

Tae: Then their pockets would just rip apart~

Sunny: Rip apart or basically explode?

DJ: Girls' Generation's personality is getting more youthful, I like this bunch of youngsters~


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