Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Collection translates]130109 GG Interview I Got A Boy-Talk about several topics

  1. SNSD said Hyoyeon would be 1st to get married.Hyoyeon bc  is so unpredictable she might suddenly tell them she's getting married tomorrow.
  2. Taeyeon said ,,I feel our youngest member Seohyun will also get married quickly because her image is similar.''
  3. Tiffany: The IGAB choreography was really powerful/difficult so we were even like.. Let's make Hyoyeon alone do it !
  4. Hyoyeon: Though we gained a lot of popularity, we received a lot of hurt/scars at a young age too. 
  5. Seohyun: Even if they drink a lot, the ones whose faces don't show it are Yoona, Tiffany and Hyoyeon
  6. Hyoyeon:Ideal type "a person who is pro-active, whether it be work or love" 
  7. Seohyun:Ideal type "a person w/clear ideals&goals and pretty eyes" 
  8. Hyoyeon: Even if we fight, we get over it thru useless chatter.More than anything, having been together for a long time, we have trust. 
  9. Sunny: Though challenging new things is good too, I want to get better at doing what I am doing right now. I want to do things that fit/match me or things that I am confident I can pull off well.
    It's not important to do everything -MC, Variety, Acting, Musical- its (more) important to find the fitting role. No matter what I want to do, if the clothes don't fit then I think it's better not to do it. So I want to do what suits me.  
  10. Jessica: (When members are in a fight or feeling resentful towards at each other), as we are talking we realize, "I laugh/smile because of you" and manage to get over it. It's because we've been together since trainee days so we have all been friends for at least 10 years. Within that, there are even some of us who've been friends for 13 years. Me, Yuri, SooYoung and Hyoyeon.
  11. Hyoyeon; "It would be great if we could be like Shinhwa sunbaenim - lasting for more than 10 years." 
  12. Sooyoung said she was hurt by the dating rumors with Won Bin.. Tiffany said she/they were jealous at first bc he's such a top star, but that it was all more shocking bc the rumors being made were with a person they've never met before. Tiffany said that Sooyoung is always either with her mom or group members. 

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